Republicans Blast President for Disrupting Government Inertia

JCwire Washington, D.C.

House Republicans continued their criticism of President Obama’s disruption of the legislative inertia around Immigration policy and practice. “We have a well established stasis on this,” said House Speaker John Boehner, (R-OH.) “The President’s Executive Action violates the delicately negotiated standoff between the House and Senate. What’s more, independent action from the Executive Branch creates an undue pressure for constructive governing on the Legislature. Frankly, it makes me uncomfortable.”

The President has overstepped his authority,” said Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL). “Since 2010, we have created a ‘net neutral’ position on legislating: no new initiatives until Obama is out. These actions beyond our legislative control violate the spirit of that accord.”

The Obama White House has repeatedly claimed that Executive action is necessary in light of the Legislative void on the issue. “My patience, and that of millions of immigrants, has been exhausted,” said President Obama at a news conference. “If Congress will not act, screw them. I will!”

We have three branches of government for a purpose,” countered Congressman Jeb Stewart (R-TN). The Legislative decides how to serve the people and corporations, which we now know are people too. The Executive just does what we tell them. The Judicial then decides whether the whole thing was a hair-brained idea in the first place. When Obama does something like this, it throws off the whole balance of government!”

Some members of Congress were more conciliatory. “We were about to get around to nominating a committee to consider the feasibility of addressing the general question of Immigration when he (President Obama) hammered down with his action,” said Congressman Ron Huelo (R-CA). “He didn’t even give us a chance!”

Some political commentators have questioned the timing of Obama’s announcement. “Had Obama made public his position before the November elections, the results could have improved the Democratic status,” said John Polmeister, Professor of Political Science at the University of Washington. “Many Latinos sat out this election, dismayed by the lack of progress on issues such as Immigration. Obama could have had a big impact if he’d unleashed his decision sooner. Why did he wait?”

He should have waited,” said Speaker Boehner. “We’ve made discernable progress over the last five years. This sudden action is just too much to bear!” Republicans filed suit against Obama for abuse of power. When asked about similar Executive actions by Presidents Reagan and Bush, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said, “That’s entirely different.” He did not elaborate.

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