Still Each Day

Clouds circle, overcasting our minds

Lives do not follow the direction of our dreams

Worries, like cracks in metal, weaken our resolve

Desired destinations slip out of sight.


And still, there is each day – Today!

Filled with brilliance, wonders myriad to be discovered

If but freed from yesterday’s anchor

Untethered from tomorrow’s expectation

Left to be itself – just and especially – Today.


Watch it blossom into unforeseen beauty

Blow onto the dawn to brighten the daylight

Breathe in the freshness of morning

Breathing out the formed ideas of mid-day.


Temper them in the steel of afternoon heat

Sit back and marvel in evening’s reflection

For you had one, wonderful day to love

Unlimited by constraints beyond two dozen hours.


Settle back in appreciation – of the day, of life

Detach the twists and entanglements of looming anxiety

Get comfortable knowing that the coming dawn

Will bring you another – just one – brilliant day!

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