Trump Family Feud on White House Positions

Trump children

Trump children

JCwire Washington, D.C. **

Discord surfaced in the Trump family this week as members scrambled for the dwindling number of positions in the new administration. Unexpectedly, Cabinet Secretariats have been assigned to outsiders at a blistering pace, taking some family members off guard.

He said I could be Secretary of the Interior,” daughter Ivanka was heard to say. “I know fashion and interior design better than anyone!”

Son-in-law Jared Kushner was making himself very familiar in the clandestine Trump Tower meetings. “Jared is jockeying for the psuedo-chief-of-staff, firing Christie and sidling in next to Dad,” said Donald Junior, according to an inside source who requested anonymity for continuing employment. “And he’s not even in the blood line!”

President-Elect Trump has already appointed Reince Priebus, Jeff Sessions, and Michael Flynn for plum spots in the new Cabinet. Some backers have noted that these picks represent the Washington-Republican establishment that Trump railed against during the campaign. Daughter Tiffany Trump was heard by the same confidential source to complain, “He’s favoring all the Ivana insiders! They’ve been hanging around the Trump Organization for years. We need some of the newer Trump blood, unhampered by all that biasing experience in business.”

Tensions rose sufficiently that a scuffle was witnessed as several of the Trump children were exiting Trump Tower midday Friday. Donald Junior shouted to Eric, “I wouldn’t be caught dead at Aquavit with you. C’mon Ivana, we’re going to the Jean Georges!”

As they entered a limousine, granddaughter Chloe was heard to say, “But Granddad said I could be a Princess. I wanna be a Princess!”

** fyi, Political Satire, not actual news – though frighteningly close!


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