Ever since my 5th grade teacher dragged me across the hall to read a story to the other class, I’ve been a writer. Still, I hesitated. I needed more time, more experience, more confidence. So enough already!  It’s good stuff. Enjoy. — jc

Life is filled with intermittent moments — glimpses of joy, realization, awe, sadness and sweetness. Ours is to gather them up, consciously, like Easter Eggs or Mario points. We may laugh; we may cry. The essential thing is to feel these defining moments, these flashes of perspective, and to recognize them as such.

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Titanic Centennial Celebrationcover_image

It captured the imagination of the world, a story of human aspiration, hubris and ultimate defeat.

Ever wonder whether more could have been saved from the freezing water, whether there was a way to keep them alive until help arrived?

There was.

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